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We Know!

 “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28
        It is not surprising that some of my favorite 70s/80s gospel songs, “I’ve Got Confidence,” “Sheltered in the Arms of God,” and “Through it All,” as well as my favorite hymn, “Great is Thy Faithfulness” are about God’s amazing ability to take care of us.  I was in my early 20’s, barely out of high school, mom to two kids only 13 months apart, and in an increasingly bad marriage. Attending gospel concerts with my mom, kids in tow, was a release for me, a time to drench myself in God’s promises – away from the reality of my own poor choices.

        Fast forward many years: my kids are grown, the grandkids are teens, I’ve spent time at college, in the work-world, and am married to a wonderful man yet I find myself on a public service bus listening repeatedly to these songs. Once again, I am desperately clinging to the truth in them. Over and over again, I whisper the simple words, “God’s got this” to myself. My husband; my rock, the man who had broken through the wall I’d carefully built around my heart, was in a hospital bed facing dangerous emergency surgery.

        Praise God! Rick successfully traversed the surgery; we knew we faced adjustments to a new normal and confidently faced it together. We had both built our lives on a deep faith in God; we knew He was faithful, we knew that His Word promised that ALL THINGS worked together for GOOD to those who LOVE GOD! We loved God – we knew that - but we had learned, like so many others, to trust in a “good job,” “nice car,” “financially funded enjoyment of life,” and “the ability to aid others through abundance.” We had no idea that our new normal would include a walk with God in TOTAL TRUST, not just faith.

        Today marks a year since the partial amputation of Rick’s right foot. We’ve moved through the wheel chair, the wound vac, the walker, the lack of income for six months. We’ve witnessed more financial miracles – the prayers, love, and monetary gifts are unspeakable! We’ve been humbled at the feet of God; Rick was let go from his job, he has experienced helplessness but we’ve also been overwhelmingly blessed by learning together the awesomeness of God’s provision.

        Almost six months of job seeking had been futile, being over qualified for jobs and not being hired was emotionally devastating for Rick. Through this time his health declined from a still undiagnosed esophageal condition. His foot is not completely mended. YET GOD HAS BEEN A CONSTANT… once again He has miraculously moved in our lives with financial sufficiency.  Rick’s “no income” insurance, approved in Dec. 2016 for one year, has covered the multitudes of procedures and doctors… we KNOW God’s hand is covering us and are grateful!

        In a world that doubts the existence of God, WE HAVE LIVED THE PROMISE OF ROMANS 8:28; WE ARE STILL LIVING IT! Has this past year been easy? No! Do we know what “for good” is going to look like for us? No! Are we wearying, inquiring, and often on our “last nerve” with each other? Sometimes ☹! BUT WE WALK IN THE KNOWLEDGE THAT GOD IS ABLE, for today and for always!

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